Shaking up conventional wisdom since 1994.

Calvin Ayre has been disrupting industries, creating iconic brands, and making waves for decades.

About Calvin Ayre

Calvin Ayre is a celebrated entrepreneur who graced the cover of the 2006 Forbes' Billionaires issue.

After launching his career via the global gaming industry, he has since branched out into numerous other business sectors, including a burgeoning media group and his current passion for Satoshi’s vision of Bitcoin.

In a growing diplomatic role, Calvin is the Special Economic Envoy for advising on economic cooperation and commerce between Antigua and Barbuda and other sovereign states where blockchain technology is being utilized.

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An appetite for the future.

The Ayre Group has investments and interests across the world. With a passion for content and publishing, real estate and property in 7 countries around the world, and how new technology such as bitcoin is shaping the world, Calvin Ayre is always on the winning side of the future.